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Providing parking lot perfection across Portland, Oregon.

Businesses are judged on first appearances which can be hard to change. For the best first appearance and a parking lot paving service that supports the image your business is trying to project, come to K&L Industries.

As professional parking lot pavers, we are uniquely positioned to offer parking lot projects of any scale and type. From the smallest restaurant parking lots to the grand-scale commercial malls, K&L Industries has both the hands and skills to deliver.

Our team of dedicated asphalt technicians works quickly and efficiently to pave your commercial parking lot in smooth black asphalt that you will be proud to show to guests.

This hardwearing yet affordable asphalt paving stands up against the weight of traffic and footfall to deliver loyal service for up to two decades. Not only does K&L Industries guarantee attractive parking lot paving, but also a surface that is safe and friendly to its users. The parking lot we pave will ensure the security of your customers and take stress off of your shoulders.

As Portland’s most trusted commercial parking lot paving company, K&L Industries does not compromise on quality. When you choose us, you choose an exceptional standard of paving with an affordable price.

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Our team of professional and experienced pavers approaches every job with absolute commitment, working quickly and efficiently to get your job done.

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