5 Reasons Why Line Striping Is Important

5 Reasons Why Line Striping Is Important

A critical yet underrated part of asphalt maintenance is line striping. Every property manager’s responsibility is to ensure that the lines painted in their parking lot are clearly visible. Line striping creates important indicators for drivers that benefit both customers and the owner of the parking lot.

Did your parking lot lines wear away? Are there more accidents taking place in your parking lot lately? Perhaps it is time for line striping. K&L Industries offers commercial and residential clients expert paving services in Canby, OR, including a new paint job to your asphalt. Click here to get a free quote now.

Boost curb appeal

Well, this might be perhaps the most farfetched amongst all the benefits of line striping. You must be wondering how a few lines can improve the aesthetics of a property. Have you seen a newly painted parking lot?

The bright yellow or pure white against the black asphalt? That perfect contrast adds to your parking lot’s beauty, making it look new and allowing it to stand out. The visual distinction of line striping also helps when there is reduced visibility due to dim lighting, fog, or heavy rainfall.

The best part, a boost in curb appeal also adds to the property’s value.

Allocate space effectively

When lines on your parking lot start to blur or wear out, drivers park wherever they want—usually leaving a lot more distance than necessary to avoid any harm befalling their cars. This results in few cars taking up greater space.

If you want to fill your parking lot to full capacity by the smart and meticulous allocation of space to avoid accidents and fit in as many cars as possible, make sure the boundaries of parking spots are highlighted. A cheap yet effective way to do it is through line striping.

Avoid door dings

Erased lines can result in door dings. If the line striping is not visible, drivers either park too far apart or, if they are in a rush, won’t leave enough space between their car and a neighboring car. In this case, when the doors of one or both of the vehicles open, they will bang against the other, resulting in scratches on the paint and even dents.

Enhance safety

Line striping does not only highlight parking spots but also specifies other features of the parking lot like crossings, lanes, and exits.

If the paint has worn off over the years and a fresh coat isn’t put over it, accidents may occur, thereby harming customers and employees of the parking lot and vehicles.

A person crossing the parking lot can be hit by an oncoming vehicle, or two cars coming from opposite ends of the same lane can crash. All of this can be avoided with proper line striping.

Reduce liability

Accidents occurring in the parking lot that harm a person or a vehicle, unavailability of accessibility parking spots, and other issues can land you a hefty lawsuit.

There are many guidelines set forth by ADA that need to be fulfilled, as is the law. However, if you have accommodated all the features but are not visible due to a faded paint job, you are still liable for damages and fines.

Similarly, if a person is hit while crossing your lot because your crosswalk is no longer visible, you can – and probably will be – sued.

Life is hard enough. Don’t let your parking lot become an excuse to add to someone’s problems. If you need asphalt maintenance and line striping services in Canby, OR, contact K&L Industries or click here to get a free quote now.