New Beginnings: Planning For Parking Lot Installation In 2021

New Beginnings: Planning For Parking Lot Installation In 2021

With the onset of COVID-19, commercial parking lots across the country were mostly vacated. But as things get back to normal, parking lots will become alive again. And it is also an excellent time to plan for a new parking lot installation in 2021.

Parking lot paving is a profitable venture for businesses. And in a post-pandemic world, the demand for safe and hygienic parking spaces will further rise to reduce the risk of contamination.

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In today’s blog, we talk about how you should plan a parking lot installation in 2021.

Site Inspection

Whether you want to install new paving or upgrade your existing lot, a strong base is essential for a durable pavement. The base needs to be as flat and stable as possible to withstand weather and traffic. Call an asphalt paving contractor to inspect the site to determine if the base is firm enough for paving or whether it needs replacement.

Create A Budget

Budgeting is essential since paving is a significant investment of time and money. Parking lot installations can cost you up to $3,900 per space, and you may add in another $4.50 per square foot for striping. You may click here to get more accurate estimates based on your project and location.

While you’re at it, also factor in the time you need for the project. This includes the time it takes to secure permits for the city or state.

Identify Drainage Issues

Whether it’s rainfall or melting ice, water is deadly for asphalt parking lots. You have to manage runoffs from the start to avoid water pooling on the surface. This requires proper site grading and sloping, as well as installing catch basins and other drainage features.

Think About Safety, Hygiene & Security

Pandemic or not, parking lots can pose health and safety risks to visitors. Standing water, for instance, can cause contamination and slipping accidents. You should also manage accidents on your lot by painting stripes and installing signage. Also, add security features like cameras and floodlights.

ADA Compliance

You also need to make your parking lot accessible in line with ADA and other applicable local/federal guidelines.

Think About The Environment

With greater environmental awareness, business owners and asphalt contractors should make their paving project eco-friendly.

The use of asphalt in itself is a small initiative, as asphalt is considered the most recycled material in the world in terms of both percentage and tonnage. Using recycled aggregate for your parking lot or reusing the asphalt from your existing pavement for a future project will bring down raw material costs and contribute to the conservation of natural resources, which is highly beneficial for the environment.

On top of that, asphalt parking lots offer several environmental benefits, such as absorbing and removing sediment, chemicals, and foliage, which would otherwise end up in the storm drains. Asphalt offers greater skid-resistance and reduces noise pollution as well.

Find A Reliable Contractor

No matter how well you plan your parking lot’s paving, only a licensed and experienced asphalt company can bring your vision to life. Look for a contractor specializing in parking lot installation in your local area as they will have in-depth knowledge of building codes and weather and soil conditions.

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