Some Dos & Don’ts To Keep In Mind After A Completed Asphalt Paving Project

Some Dos & Don’ts To Keep In Mind After A Completed Asphalt Paving Project

Freshly paved asphalt can instantly increase any property’s curb appeal, be it a residence or business establishment. As a property owner, you would want to maintain your new pavement’s beautiful appearance for as long as possible.

However, this requires some commitment on your part. Your responsibility to take care of the driveway or parking lot begins as soon the contractor leaves after laying the asphalt.

At K&L Industries, we have installed stunning and durable asphalt pavement all over Vancouver, WA. Click here to learn more about what we do. In this article, we list the dos and don’ts you should follow after a completed paving project.

Do Drive Carefully

Asphalt is durable but not invisible. It is also a ‘flexible’ construction material. Rough driving, while the new asphalt is still curing, can result in tire marks and depressions.

For homeowners, this means being careful about your drive on your pavement. For parking lot managers, this calls for speed bumps and speed limit signs to control how others drive on your property.

Driving carefully also means protecting the pavement edges, as they are the most vulnerable to damage.

When the asphalt is new, any pressure on the edges can even cause parts of the pavement to break away. So drive away from the edges of your driveway. If you manage a parking lot, consider installing concrete barriers along the borders.

Do Keep It Clean

Asphalt surfaces start to catch dirt and debris from the get-go. Therefore, regular cleaning is not something you can avoid.

You also have to protect your new pavement from snow and water. When water seeps beneath the surface and freezes in cold weather, it can cause the asphalt to expand, harden, and crack under pressure.

Oil stains can also deteriorate the binding agent in new asphalt and damage its structural integrity. Therefore, be vigilant and clean oil stains from your pavement as soon as you spot them.

Do Sealcoat Regularly

Sealcoating protects your pavement against weather elements, water damage, and oil spills, while also creating a shiny appearance.

While you can seal coat new parking lots, we recommend the first sealcoating application after a year. And then the next round of sealcoating should follow every 2 to 3 years. Of course, this depends on the condition of your pavement.

Don’t Drive Immediately

While asphalt driveways are installed quickly, it takes anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for the material to harden and completely cure. This depends on the type of asphalt mix used, as well as the local weather. In any case, you should avoid driving on the new surface for at least 24 hours.

Don’t Ignore Damage

Finally, you should never ignore signs of damage on new asphalt. This mainly includes cracks, which can expand over time and cause further damage to the asphalt structure.

This concludes our list of dos and don’ts of maintaining new asphalt pavement. If you require asphalt paving or maintenance services in Vancouver, click here to get in touch with K&L Industries.