Why Does Your Parking Lot Have So Many Puddles?

Why Does Your Parking Lot Have So Many Puddles?

What do you notice on your parking lot when it rains in Portland, Oregon?

Does the water smoothly flow away and find its way in the drainage, or does it accumulate on the surface?

If the latter is true, you have a problem on your hands. Parking lot puddles are indicative of underlying issues with your asphalt pavement or drainage. Sometimes, puddles can be eliminated through repair. However, puddles may also be a sign that your parking lot needs repaving.

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In today’s blog, we list the possible reasons why you have so many puddles on your parking lot.

Depressions Caused By Heavy Traffic

To start off, heavy vehicles and equipment can cause depressions on the surface of your lot. These depressions and indentations can cause water to pool on the asphalt.

Oil Spills

Secondly, oil spills are a common occurrence in a parking lot. Oil and other chemicals make the surface slippery, making it dangerous to drive around the lot. Moreover, if oil seeps inside the pavement, it can deteriorate the structure. This, in turn, leads to cracking, potholes, and depressions, which causes water to pool on the parking lot after rainfall or snowfall.

Poor Compaction

More often than not, issues develop on asphalt parking lots if they are not appropriately paved. Poor compaction is a common cause of asphalt damage.

When it comes to paving parking lots in Portland, Oregon, contractors usually use hot mix asphalt due to its strength and durability. However, if the asphalt isn’t compacted correctly, the pavement’s surface will not retain its smoothness over time.

Once again, you will notice depressions and other signs of the damage wherever the material goes through regular wear and tear. This is another leading cause of water puddles in parking lots.

Drainage Issues

Water pooling on the surface may also mean that there’s a problem with your parking lot’s drainage. Maybe the storm drains, and gutters are clogged, or the catch basin may be broken.

Many times, drainage issues also occur if the pavement wasn’t sloped and graded properly at the time of construction. In any case, you shouldn’t ignore drainage issues as they can lead to long-term structural damage.

Specifically, water seeping inside the surface can loosen the binders from the aggregate and damage your parking lot’s foundation.

Lack of Maintenance

Finally, water puddles may just be warning signs that you are not looking after your parking lot properly. Remember that while asphalt is a durable material, lack of maintenance can lead to ongoing issues.

You need to protect your parking lot from weather elements, water, sunlight, oil, chemicals, and other damaging factors to protect your valuable investment.

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